News Reporter turned corporate presenter, emcee and actress; Crystal Hilliard’s extensive background of gathering information and reporting the news allows her to bring passion to companies with stories to tell. Whether through video, events or press campaigns, her charisma and media savvy position global corporations to effectively deliver brand messaging to the public.

Crystal’s love for story-telling began as a child in the city theater in Lansing, Michigan, where she realized her passion and high level skill for performing for audiences. That passion followed her through highschool and landed her a spot in the nation’s top television journalism school.

While attending the Missouri School of Journalism, she was accepted into the school’s highly acclaimed Broadcasting program. As part of the curriculum, she reported and produced for the NBC Affiliate in Columbia, MO. From controversial legislation to the flooding of the Mississippi river, no assignment went unanswered. There, she learned to shoot, write, edit and anchor her own stories.

While on a media tour of Chicago, she caught the eye of the NBC 5’s News Director and was accepted as a summer intern. There, she learned from one of the most famous reporters in Chicago, Art Norman. He taught her the art of gathering facts and interviews by using compassion and charm.

Crystal took those traits, along with the skills learned in Columbia, MO, to her new home in Jackson, MS where she produced and reported for 16 WAPT (ABC). The Hearst-owned affiliate gave her the opportunity to develop her live-shot techniques under pressure. Severe weather coverage often called for an override of scheduled programming and on-the-fly production where she had to utilize multiple local live news teams, live national reporters, satellite weather feeds, live sky cameras and a local weather team. She also provided severe weather live reports and packages for Hearst and ABC Affiliate stations, as well as CNN.

Crystal took those skills and headed back north. For two years, she reported for the NBC station in Grand Rapids, Mich., WOOD TV 8, leading newscasts with breaking and investigative news.

In 2012, Crystal took a leap of faith and went back to school for her Master’s Degree. While attending Grand Valley State University, she transitioned into acting and hosting. Crystal launched her YouTube series “The Weekend Rundown,” (see show host page) and enrolled in acting classes at the International Performing Arts Academy in Chicago.

Her acting career took a turn in 2014 during the filming of Batman vs Superman. Hollywood Director, Zack Snyder hand-picked her out of hundreds of extras to play Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) secretary. From there, Crystal began booking lead roles in commercials, movies and live presentations. While living in Detroit, she starred in more than 10 commercials, 4 independent films, as well as three major motion pictures.

Crystal then moved to the West Coast, where she brought her performance skills to the field of experiential marketing. Hosting and emceeing events, as well as presenting information to large groups of people are ways Crystal energetically connects brands to consumers. She also continues to study with acting coaches, star in commercials and films, as well as produce her own content on YouTube.

She will always dream BIG.